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Melody P2688 Reviewed on

"[I]n the case of the Melody P2688 line stage, I was in the presence of rarified greatness in line stages"  Read it here....

ACA at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2013

In it's third year, The Home Entertainment Show in Newport Beach has become probably the second largest after Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  We were back for another round and had one of our best shows to date.  People were loving the sound and there was buzz in the hallways.  You can see ongoing discussion here, and you can find us in show coverage here and here.  The best thing about the weekend, of course, was meeting up with a bunch of friends from accross the interwebs for dinner at Woody's in Newport Beach.  For me this hobby is about good times with good friends just as much as gear or music.

ACA is now an authorized seller of KR Audio tubes

We know everybody is always looking for the perfect tubes to make your gear the best it can be.  To this end we are now offering the excellent tubes from KR Audio in addition to direct replacements from Melody.  For now, contact us for availability and pricing.  Official product listings soon to follow.

Melody AN300B Reviewed on

Phillip Holmes puts Melody's high end 300B integrated through its paces.  Read it here...

California Audio Show 2012

This year's CAS was a great time as always, largely thanks to the Bay area attendees.  A nicer group of audiophiles you will not meet!  What really made this show exciting though, was the debut of our two new Melody beauties, the AN845 and the P2688.  The P2688 made its presence known immediately when we swapped it in.  We were blown away.  The AN845 was no disappointment either, as it sounded remarkably like our separates with M845 monoblocks, but in a single chassis.  This is the kind of upgrade customers MAKE money on.  Be prepared for glowing reviews in the future on these knockouts.

Melody Introduces New Flagship Models

As if Melody's high end series of integrated amps weren't already giant killers, Melody has upped the ante.  The AN845 features a pair of Pavane 845 output tubes, (Melody branded) NOS 6EM7 preamp tubes, and a 5U4 rectifier.  It represents the new series flagship at $7399.  In addition, Melody has announced the P2688 preamplfier.  It features the iconic 101D tubes for voltage regulation, a pair of NOS Western Electric 403's, and a 5U4 tube rectifier.  It's a minimalistic design with no holds barred parts quality and attention to detail.  At $6999 it's playing in a league FAR above it's price point.

THE Show Newport Beach 2012

We went full HT for this show with 5 Trinity speakers and big power, and were certainly unique among the exhibitors.  Much thanks to Emotiva for lending an XPA-5 and Zu Audio for lending their soon-to-be-released Undertone subwoofer.  After hours of setup and tweaking we spent Thursday evening watching Underworld: Awakening and probably awakened a few neighbors.  It was awesome!

ACA Trinity Speakers Reviewed by Positive Feedback Online

Victor Chavira takes a look at the Trinity in this month's issue, and he likes what he sees.  Read it here...

Melody AN211 Reviewed by

Accolades keep rolling in for the Melody AN211, and now its first full review has been published on  Reviewer Adam LaBarge suggests it's so good he'd carry it up a mountain for a listen!

Read it here

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