Our Brands

Angel City Audio is proud to offer the following brands:

Angel City Audio

ACA is Angel City Audio's own brand, represented by our debut product, the Trinity LCR set.  Look for an expanded lineup coming soon, including more speakers, electronics, and accessories.

Melody Valve Hifi

Melody represents some of the best values in audio.  Their tube designs can go head to head with cost-no-object designs and give up nothing.  Melody builds with point-to-point wiring, hand wound transformers, top quality internals, and extensive testing for every unit. Add stunning good looks and you have a winner!

Coming Soon!

Contact us to reserve a DMP-A6 from the next shipment as supplies will be limited.

Onix (Liquidation Sale!)

We are no longer distributing the Onix brand in the US.  All sales are final.